I'll be traveling quite a bit between now and the end of the year. On the negative side, I'll probably be less responsive to email than usually (that says a lot!), on the positive side, this may mean that I could be not too far from you one of the upcoming weeks! Here is a list of places I will be:

  • Nov 1st to Sunday 4th: New Yok City I don't know yet, but on vacations, probably in France. Blame the Air France strikes for this :-(
  • Nov 7 and 8: Berlin (Germany), for the Web 2.0 Expo Berlin, where I'll be keynoting
  • Nov 12 and 13: Paris (France), with David Ascher (Mr Mailco & Thunderbird), for meetings with large organizations using Thunderbird and contributing to it
  • Nov 14 and 15: Stockholm (Sweden), for SIME.nu conference
  • Nov 15, 16 and 17: Paris, for Paris Web 2007, a conference about quality in Web design and accessibility. Mozilla Europe is going to sponsor the community party.
  • Nov 20: Warsaw (Poland) for Internet CEE (Central and Eastern Europe)
  • Week of Nov 26: Mountain View, California for meetings
  • Dec 4 and 5: London (UK) for Online Information Conference
  • Dec 11 and 12: Paris (France) for Le Web 3, Fourth Edition. I won't be speaking this time, just enjoying the event.