Westminster, London, UK

Wednesday, I spoke at Westminster eForum in London, with Alan Cox, of Linux Kernel fame. It appears that a journalist from IT pro was in the room and did a pretty good job at summarizing my talk. Going to London meant waking up at 5:30AM to catch the Eurostar at dawn.

After a lunch with Mike Butcher, I flew to Rotterdam in a surprisingly small aircraft, took a pictures of Maasvlakte while flying and landed just in time for a photo walk in Rotterdam at sunset.

The lobby of  Hotel New York, Rotterdam

The lobby of Hotel New York, Rotterdam

Thursday spent in Rotterdam, attending and speaking at e.Day, a very impressive conference about e-business. I had the pleasure to present in the keynote room, and meet with several bloggers and journalists.

Friday was spent in the Paris office, responding to interviews about Mozilla 24, (Ecrans.fr, ZDNet), fixing last minutes details about the event, and greeting Axel, who flew in to participate to the event.

Mozilla 24 round table in Paris

Mozilla 24 round table in Paris[1]

Saturday was the big event, which involved a very sophisticated network setup and 7 people located in 3 countries just for the round table. Gen Kanai and myself were chairing the first session, coordinating via instant messaging and IRC. Then came the second session about localization, with Axel Hecht, Dynamis (from Japan) and Pascal Chevrel.

It's the first time I do something on such a scale, and it would not have been possible without the dedication of individuals and partner organizations, including Renater (Academic Network), CO-RAP & RAP (Paris Academic Network), CERIMES (video) and ENST (for the venue). I was told that the young Akira Kanai (from WIDE) was also key in making this event a success.

After the event, I hoped to spend the rest of the day with my family, but I just crashed on my bed for a much needed siesta :-D


[1] From right to left: Pierre Beaudouin (Wikimedia France), Charles Schulz (OpenOffice.org), François Bancilhon (CEO of Mandriva) and myself.