mercredi 27 février 2008

Fosdem 08 wrap up


Fosdem '08 is over. Like every year, Mozilla volunteers gather in Brussels and spend 2 days working together and socializing. This year's edition was the best edition ever. Everything was here to make this a perfect event: a packed schedule, a room full of contributors[1], loads of fun, Belgian chocolate, exciting graphs, impromptu hacking sessions, more than a hundred silly friends, T-shirts that are so great that you have to try them on on the spot, ridiculous bowling shoes, gorgeous cakes, and a good excuse to celebrate.

I wanted to link to several blog posts about this event, but I just won't: in true Mozilla tradition, everything is on the Wiki, with links to photo albums, blog posts and all!

This was a super-duper event, and thanks a bunch to all of the people who have made it possible, with extra karma points to Anne-Julie (and her amazing organizing skills), Pascal (for keeping the rooming list under control), and Brian, who had prepared an impressive line-up of talks.

See you next year!


[1] That's actually the only lowdown of the event: the room was a little too full, but we managed to swap with the OpenSuse's room - thanks folks! - because it was really warm in there, to the point that it was renamed :-)

jeudi 3 janvier 2008

Actu Mozilla

mercredi 21 février 2007

Actu Mozilla

vendredi 9 février 2007

Mozilla Europe grants

Mozilla Europe's board has decided by the end of December 2006, as things were clearer on the budget side, to share some of its wealth with other Free / Libre / Open-Source Software projects.

The idea is two folds:

  1. Help volunteer-based project (which usually need money for things like server hosting and other expenses) that either:
    1. build consumer-facing products (like Firefox and Thunderbird do), as Mozilla thinks that we are a part of a larger trend;
    2. help the FLOSS ecosystem at large, locally, in Europe, or worldwide.
  2. stay away from the Mozilla community grant program managed by Seth Bindernagel as we did not want to interfere with it, as it would not help.

Here is a list of the various grants:

  • Fosdem, which is probably the most important event for the FLOSS movement in Europe. Fosdem has been, since 2002, the place where European Mozilla hackers could meet in real life. For the 5th year in a row, Mozilla will be at Fosdem this year, along with many other projects. Thanks a lot, Fosdem!
  • FFII, the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure, is a non-profit organization fighting Software patents in Europe.
  • Wikipedia German Project, for being the first non-US Wikimedia community (or chapter, as they say)
  • project (via their French CUSoon non-profit association). is the obvious choice for users willing to go FLOSS, along with Firefox and Thunderbird.
  • FSF France, for their work for FLOSS in general and giving us a hand when we had server issues.
  • Hispalinux, for the work they do in Spain about FLOSS, where they also help Mozilla.
  •, for their amazing work on XUL development and their upcoming project, which is not yet announced (but very exciting anyway) :-D

It's the first time that Mozilla Europe does such grants, and we would like to do more during the next round. But we had to start somewhere, and leave some room to grow!

Thank you to all of these projects for their wonderful work!

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