I have been pondering the opportunity to write in English in my blog for quite some time now. I started in French because at that time, 20 months ago, there was very little Web-standards-related content published in Voltaire's language. Things have evolved, OpenWeb was born, and many French bloggers have stepped up.

But since StandBlog started, many things have changed in my life, including launching Mozilla Europe, with its Website in 4 languages FR, DE, ES and English. Because Mozilla Europe is... Well, European, I need to adress a larger audience, so I'll try to write in English when it comes to mozilla-related stuff.

Some of my French-speaking audience will probably complain, but it will probably represent less than the rest of the European population anyway, so we will all have to cope with this. Them while trying to read my words, and me while accepting not to be as funny or precise when writing in English. (Not to mention that I'll probably sweat much more while I write in TBL's language!)

Regarding the fact that this English content will be hosted on a French Blog, I know this is not a 100% satisfactory solution, standards-wise, but I hope to find a better solution over time. (I was told about a promising and upcoming version of the DotClear blog tool recently ;-)

For those of the English-only readers, I have the pleasure to announce that a specific URL is available for their reading pleasure, enabling them to get rid of the French stuff that I expect to populate most of my blog in the future. English readers, please bookmark http://standblog.org/blog/en/. English fans of syndication will unfortunately have to deal with English content intertwingled with French content in my RSS feed. Sorry, folks! Once again, I hope this will be a temporary solution.

I cannot promise yet that I'll publish daily in English, but I had the same thought almost two years ago when I was afraid of not being able to post everyday. I've been able to publish a dozen article in a day, with an average of 5 posts per day at some point. So I have good hope that I'll keep you folks updated regularly here.

In the meantime, wish me luck and persistence in blogging in English!