Following the European press tour organized by Mozilla Europe, Bart has met with ZDNet UK, and C|Net publishes a new article: Firefox aims for 10 percent of Web surfers (also mentionned on slashdot). Bart did a great job in announcing very interesting numbers. Here are a few I'd like to mention:

  • "we'll get to 10 percent over the next year."
  • About Firefox downloads: "Version 0.8 was downloaded 3.3 million times in four months; 0.9 was downloaded 6.5 million times in three months; and the pre-release version was downloaded 5 million times in just one month."
  • Great quote about ZDnet UK's site: "In February, about 9 percent of site visitors were using a Mozilla-based browser; this increased to 19 percent in October. Over the same period, IE use decreased from 88 percent to 79 percent."

I could not make it to London with Bart because I was attending a Free Software conference in Lyon, France, but I heard Bart saying to French journalists that since November 2003, figures where doubling every two months (or was it every month?) for Firefox. Run, little red panda, run!

On a sidenote, Reuters issued an article in French following our interview. I hope that an English version will be available soon.

Update: Two new articles on ZDNet.B, and one in French publication L'expansion:

another update

I have got this weird feeling that articles are popping up faster than I can blog them ;-)