I am proud to announce that there is now a Greek version of the official Mozilla Europe web site. Congrats for those who where involved, Kostas (localiser), Jussi (for help with the markup) and Peterv for his amazing work on the whole project. One can see that Europe is on its way to become a reality, when you realise that the language localiser is Greek, while Jussi is Finnish, Peterv is Belgian, and I am French!

As a side note, the Mozilla Europe home page now sports Firefox at the top of the page. For those who wonder why this has taken so long, here is the explanation: the English version of the site is the master version, and localisations are derived from it. Firefox has been available in English for a long time, but we did not feel like featuring on the top of the page a product that was not localised in any European language. Now that RC1 is out of the door, with localised versions, Firefox can, at last, be mentionned first.

I should remind you that Mozilla Europe web site is now available in 7 languages: German, Greek, English, Spanish, Finnish, French and Norwegian.

So who is going to be next? Polish? Italian? Czech? Bets are open!