Max Pezzali is an Italian Pop star famous in his country. He has been running Firefox ads on his site (a photoblog updated daily), but now that Firefox 1.0 has been released, here is what you can find on his home page:

I surf the web since 1994, so i can't define myself a veteran, but I guarantee to you that I've seen happening many things. First was Mosaic, the first browser capillary diffused... Then Netscape Navigator join our desktop. And last came Internet Explorer. Initially it was proposed like a browser slim, fast and, above all, free, and in short time it conquered desktops worldwide. Actually, if you wanted to see correctly a web page, you HAD TO USE Explorer. But then something of unexpected happened: a group of independent developers take back Mozilla, the source code of the nearly-defunct Netscape Navigator, and began to work on what is now called Firefox: a browser made from all for all, free and independent from platforms. It was a great idea! The Giant made a smile, and nobody thinked that a group of daring and an Open-Source project could make fear. Now He doesn't laugh anymore. And now I have on my laptop the first official relase of Firefox, the 1.0. Good luck Mozilla, good luck Firefox, have a nice trip and thanks for bringing back us a vision of the Internet based on innovation and freedom instead of a monopoly. - Max Pezzali