Everybody should know about this already, as Axel mentionned this earlier: on February 26th and 27th, will be held the annual European Mozilla developers days at FOSDEM.

We plan to have several talks there, including:

  • Mozilla Europe, 1 year after;
  • Mozilla 2.0;
  • XulRunner demo
  • Localization;
  • Mozilla Foundation update;
  • New bugzilla features;
  • Camino;
  • Q&A.

For more details, see Mozilla Developer Room Wiki page. If you plan to attend, please let us know and add yourself to the Who is Coming page or send a mail to axel.hecht (at) mozilla-europe -dot- org.

Localization groups are encourage to attend. It's an annual meeting, and we all know how easier it is to work together once we have met in real life. Plus the event takes place at the same place and time as Fosdem, which is a great occasion to meet with other Free Software projects, and buy a few T-shirts. Talking about T-shirt, we hope to have a few of them, along with other goodies, for people who want to become members of Mozilla Europe. Be there or be square!