Ingrid Marson, from ZDNet UK, paid a visit to the European Mozilla Developer meeting at Fosdem and it gave some coverage:

It's a bit puzzling to see a conversation in the community, with the usual laid-back tone and attitude, being taken out of context and ending up on ZDNet UK and SlashDot just like if it was a declaration to the press. I guess it's the price to pay in order to be really open, and I'm not sure we should be filtering at the entrance of the Mozilla developer room. If this was the case, we would have prevented our friend Alan Cox, maintainer of the Linux Kernel, to come into our room to have a very interesting chat with us on code modularity and localization. Oh, and it looks like Alan has been bitten by the same kind of journalism (and the same journalist)...

However, for those who did not know about the existing links between the Mozilla Foundation and search engines, I encourage you to read Mitchell Baker's blog entry posted on the day Firefox was launched (back in November 2004), and particularly this part:

In keeping with our emphasis on the end-user, we have redesigned the Firefox startpage. We wanted a startpage that reflected the Mozilla project and provided a good access point to the web. Given the importance of search, we decided to add search functionality to the start page itself. Google has long been recognized as a leader in search experience and so we chose Google.

We provide access to search services from a range of sources including Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay and others you can see in Firefox. We expect to see some funds come to the Foundation as a result of our integrated search. We'll use any funds that result to help support the Mozilla Foundation's non-profit operations. When finances are involved questions often arise about their influence on an organization and we'll spend some time talking about this as we go forward.