Firefox turns one today, and the French company XitiMonitor has just released a new market share study, which title is Firefox, one year after: an unstoppable growth. Unfortunately, the study is in French, so you'll find here a few highlights in English.

This study has been done between Oct. 1st, 2005 and Oct. 31st 2005 on a sample of professional Websites audited by Xiti, on a total of more than 10 billions visits.

The announced goal of 10% market share, announced by the Firefox team a year ago has been reached 6 months ago. In a browser market where Microsoft's monopoly was undisputed, year 2005 has very clearly stated how important is Mozilla Foundation's browser.

Firefox increasing market share

Please note that the Mozilla Suite (aka Mozilla 1.x) and Firefox are considered as the same browser by Xiti (which makes sense, since they both use the Gecko engine). Hence, "Firefox" usage in October 2004 is actually mostly Mozilla Suite usage, with a limited but quickly growing number of Firefox users that now represent the vast majority of Gecko users by end of 2005.

Internet Explorer losing market share

New study, realized on Sunday Nov 6th, 2005

XitiMonitor has been studying Firefox usage on Sunday Nov. 6th. Here are the results of this study, which was based on monitoring 23 millions visits on professional Web sites audited by Xiti.

Considering the respective weight of each country, the average percentage of Firefox users in Europe is 16.75% (on a Sunday, when the Firefox usage is at its peak).

Slovenia is now #2, with 31.86% market share for Firefox on that Sunday. Finland is still #1 with more than 32%. Germany is #3 in percentage with almost 28%, but is the largest market in Europe, considering the fact that it has a large population of Internet users.

Firefox market share in Europe

Worldwide usage of Firefox on Sunday Nov. 6th, 2005

Once again, these figures have been measured on a Sunday, when Firefox usage is at its peak.

Firefox market share in the World

Browsers in Europe

Main Web browsers in Europe

  1. IE: 77.2%
  2. Mozilla: 16.9%
  3. Opera: 3.6%
  4. Safari: 1.3%
  5. Netscape: 0.9%

Firefox usage difference between home and the office

Here is a comparison between Wednesday Nov 2nd and Sunday Nov. 6th, on a total of 85 millions visits on professional sites audited by Xiti.

In Europe, Firefox is used by 16.90% of the Internet population on Sunday, while its usage is 14.08% on Wednesday. It shows that consumers are more aggressive than companies in using the alternative browser.

Firefox usage in Europe (left: week-end; right: rest of the week)