I thought I'd sent this by email to a few folks, but who needs email when you have a blog? ;-)

On the weekend of February 25th and 26th, 2006, the European Mozilla Developers and Localizers Meeting was held in Brussels, during Fosdem. Thanks a million to all those who helped making this event a success.

  • Best edition ever;
  • 65 registered visitors, according to the wiki. Probably 100 to 150 attendees at the very least (though not all of them at the same time);
  • massive attendance from localizers, including Georgia and South Africa, thanks to Mozilla Foundation funding travel costs;
  • dbaron and pkim were there, and it was great to have people from the US, to address both technical and marketing topics;
  • Brian King gave a talk about XUL development in the main desktop track;
  • Saturday night dinner paid by Mozilla Foundation was a great idea;
  • Mozilla Europe paid for a single drink per person during that dinner (trying to socialize in Brussels without offering a beer would probably have led us to jail ;-)
  • It was good to meet again in order to sync, with all the changes that happened since Firefox 1.0.
  • Presence of Flock and AllPeers showed that the ecosystem is building up.

Things that could be improved:

  • Better planning so that more people can attend despite visa issues;
  • Pack more content on Saturday afternoon, enable people to leave earlier on Sunday;
  • We should consider organizing this event *not* during Fosdem, so that attendees do not have to choose between Mozilla talks and other tracks (this means that it would be more expensive and may potentially reduce number of attendees)
  • Give swag/T-shirts to contributors
  • If planning to have this meeting at Fosdem again, plan to have the Mozilla Store man the T-shirt booth
  • Axel not cutting his luggage and Gerv not getting his thumb stolen ;-)
  • Tristan not to park his car on Saturday night in a parking lot which is closed on Sundays;
  • Gerv, Brian, Peterv and Tristan did a good job of getting things under control despite Axel's absence.
  • Update : I forgot to mention Gandalf's help for the localization part. Sorry for this, Gandalf.

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