A new Xiti study on browser market share has just been released. The Web page is in French, but a PDF file (338 KB), in English, is also available.

Firefox market share data by Xiti

This study is significantly different from the previous Xiti studies in various ways:

  • This time, numbers were gathered on a full week (rather than just on a Sunday). As Firefox usage tends to be more limited during week days than on Sundays, this new study reports numbers that are slightly lower than for previous studies, while Firefox is actually gaining market share (hah, the beauty of statistics!)
  • All things being equal (when focusing on week-ends), Firefox is getting 20.5% early April while it had 20.1% in early January 2006.
  • Slovenia is now #1 with 35.8%, while Finland is #2 with 33.1%;
  • We now have information about Week-ends versus week-days usage, and it's very interesting. (see page 4 of the PDF file).

Something which is not new is that Europe is still leading the world when it comes to Firefox usage, and this makes me incredibly proud of what the local communities have been able to achieve. Many thanks to the insanely great volunteers who localize our products and our Web site, those who moderate the local forums, and those who contribute to the project as a whole whether it's through code contributions or just spreading Firefox around them...