I'm amazed by the number of jobs available related to Mozilla technologies these days. More and more companies are looking for XUL developers or Ajax developers. Daniel is hiring in France, someone from London asked me for leads in hiring, so I redirected him to the Usenet mozilla.jobs newsgroup, where you could find job postings in:

In the past three months, I have seen 14 job openings on this newsgroup alone! (And I'm not even sure that every Mozilla-related job is posted there).

Suggestion of the day: if you are a student, if you are a good Web developer (with standards and Ajax skills), start working on Firefox extensions and put this on your resumé. It will pay off for sure!

Edit: There are actually two jobs to be filled in South Wales. As Peter Kirkham puts it, Although neither spec mentions XUL or XPCOM, we are looking for those skills for at least one person - our front ends are either DirectX 3D, or using XulRunner, and we're after people with both or one of each.

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  2. Software Developer #2.