I'm seating at the SFO Airport and memories of a wonderful week are jumping all over my head. (This will be posted after I return home).

  • There were so many new faces that badges were actually needed;
  • The upcoming changes that will land in Firefox 3 and 4 are very exciting;
  • Red wine + Tequila + Champagne = hang-over (and I should have known);
  • The parties were a lot of fun!
  • It was great to meet face to face with Seth Bindernagel and attend his session on the Community Program (see also Wiki:CommunityProgram);
  • Pascal did take very nice pictures, and Rochelle, too;
  • I like riding DougT's Segway in the office;
  • Our community rocks, as Preed notices;
  • Firefox 2.0 Trumps IE7 In Phish-Fighting (Read more details). What's interesting in this report is two-fold:
    • People using Firefox 2 and IE7 are now protected by default. It was not the case a couple months ago. It's nice to have competition in the browser space, as consumers benefit from it, even in terms of security;
    • Firefox manages to score significantly better than IE7 while doing considerably better in terms of privacy. This is another demonstration that Firefox is on consumers' side, as it's not willing to compromise privacy to gain security...