As Mozilla approaches its 10th anniversary, it had a wonderful year 2007. I've tried to capture below our strongest moments this year. Feel free to leave comments[1] if you think I've forgotten important dates[2]!

  1. February 24th and 25th: Fosdem 2007
  2. March 12th: French Parliament Chooses Ubuntu and will use Firefox and Thunderbird
  3. March 22nd: The 'sad fox' makes his debuts
  4. March 27th: New version of, available in several languages
  5. March 25th and 30th: Mozilla Developer days in the US
  6. March 31st: 9th anniversay for Mozilla
  7. Aprils 19th: Thunderbird 2 is released in 35 languages
  8. April 26th: Wikipedia on a CD, using Mozilla technology
  9. May 4th: Beta version of the eBay companion
  10. May 16th: Mozilla Labs announces Project Joey, around Mobile
  11. May 16th: Mozilla receives the World Information Society Award
  12. May 21st: Firefox one of the top 100 products by PC World
  13. May 29th: Mozilla grants USD 100,000 to PCF
  14. June 16th: Firefox Developer conference in Tokyo
  15. June 23th: Mozilla dev day in Paris
  16. July 4th: Firefox companion for eBay is released. The European press coverage is impressive
  17. September 5th: ActiveState announces OpenKomodo, "an open source platform for building developer environments", based on the Mozilla technology
  18. September 15th: Mozilla 24 event is held in Japan, Thailand, France and California, following the Sun
  19. October 9th: 173 000 French students and 40 000 teachers to get Firefox on a USB key
  20. October 9th: Mozilla and Mobile, our Mobile strategy on Schrep's blog
  21. October 22nd: Mitchell Baker announces the 2006 revenue numbers
  22. October 24th: Prism is announced by the Mozilla Labs team
  23. November 13th: Miro 1.0 is launched
  24. November 19th: Firefox 3 Beta 1 is available for download in over 20 languages
  25. November 27th: John announces that we have doubled the number of our active users in 12 months
  26. December 4th: Mozilla at
  27. December 5th: Firefox gets 'Software of the year' award
  28. December 7th: new International Mozilla Store is now open
  29. December 18th: Firefox 3 Beta 2 is available for download
  30. December 20th: video contest winners are announced.
  31. December 21st: Mozilla Labs introduces Weave
  32. December 22nd: 23rd language for the website

This list is impressive, but it does not efficiently demonstrate the progress the Mozilla project has done over these past 12 months. Of course, Firefox 3 betas are indeed extremely impressive (I use them since the days Beta 1 was released, and feel in awe every time I use the Awesome Wunder Bar), and this demonstrates how solid is the work of the community. But on top of this, Mozilla is beefing up its resources, and more talents are getting up to speed, including in Europe, with more full-time people. I am sure that considering all this, from people to technology, will make 2008 an amazing year for the Mozilla project, with more happy users, more innovative products and even more influence over the Industry, so that Open-Source and Free Software, Open standards and the Open Web have brighter respective futures...

As an addendum, here is a quick list of events Mozilla attended or spoke at, in Europe:

  1. February 7th: Solutions Linux (Tristan, Paul Rouget & team)
  2. March 5th: Financial Times Digital Media conference, London, UK (Tristan)
  3. April 4th: Puls Biznesu Conference, Warsaw, Poland (Tristan)
  4. April 13th to 15th: Fa'la cosa giusta, Milano, Italy (Giuliano & team)
  5. May 22nd to 24th: LinuxDays, Geneva, Switzerland (Paul Rouget)
  6. June 6th: eZ Conference, Oslo, Norway (Zak)
  7. June 13th: Paris Capitale du Libre, Paris, France (Tristan)
  8. June 13th to 15th: JLM, Montpellier, France (Pascal)
  9. June 23th: Mozilla dev days in Paris
  10. July 10th to 14th: RMLL 2007, Amiens, France (Tristan)
  11. July 14th: 802-LAN, Jerez de la frontera, Spain (Pascal)
  12. July 16th to 21th: e-Verano, Sevilla, Spain (Pascal)
  13. ''October 19th and 20th': JDLL, Lyon, France (Tristan & Paul Rouget)
  14. September 2nd: Linux Conf Europe, Cambridge, UK (Tristan)
  15. September 13th: eMerce Day, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Tristan)
  16. October 3rd to 5th: Future of Web Apps, London, UK (jresig)
  17. October 3rd to 5th: Fundamentos Web 2007, Giron, Spain (Schrep)
  18. October 25th, 25: Escenarios Tecnológicos de Futuro, Caceres, Spain (Pascal)
  19. November 5th to 8th: Web 2.0 Conference, Berlin, Germany (Tristan)
  20. November 10th: SIMO-eLife, Madrid, Spain (Community)
  21. November 14-16th: University Europea de Madrid, Spain (Pascal)
  22. November 14th and 15th:, Stockholm, Sweden (Tristan)
  23. November 15-17th: Paris Web 2007, Paris,France (Paul Rouget)
  24. November 20th: Internet CEE, Warsaw, Poland (Tristan)
  25. December 5th: Online Information Conference, London, UK (Tristan)
  26. December 11th: Le Web 3, Fourth Edition, Paris, France (Tristan)
  27. December 13th: Hispalinux congreso, Caceres, Spain (Pascal)


[1] email address is needed but not published nor verified.

[2] I've skipped the dot stability releases of our product and alpha versions on purpose