The past few days have been hectic with loads of fun (12 days working in a row thanks to Fosdem, I can assure you that the week-end is more than welcome :-). I thought it would make sense to compile a list of links that I estimate newsworthy:

Our transparency, code and otherwise, is fundamental to our brand and our ability to say with a straight face that what we're doing is good for the Web. I don't know if we would be successful if we were proprietary, but I do know for a fact that it would have been hard to survive the Netscape collapse, and it would have been impossible to build the global community that we have today. The quality of our product is directly related to our users' ability to report and participate in the resolution of problems. Once again, transparency is important there as well. There are a lot of very good proprietary products out there, but none of them have the same leverage, scale, or scope that we do.