When I was doing my keynote at the bDigital Global Congress, I discussed the fact that localization teams where very important for Mozilla. In this regard, Spain is a great example of this, since there are several co-official languages on top of Spanish (also called Castellano), including Basque, Catalan and Galego (spoken in Galicia). We're lucky to have versions of Firefox available in Basque, Catalan and Spanish, but for now there is no version of Firefox in Galego. In my talk, I mentioned this, and I encouraged the Galician community to join us and build a version of Firefox in Galego. What I did not know is that the situation is currently changing. While there is not yet a Galician Firefox, the Galician local government (Xunta de Galicia) has created language pack for Gallego. It has already been downloaded 8055 times from their site on the past 12 months. There is also a bug report in Bugzilla on this very topic.

I honestly did not want to sound controversial to the Galician community, but it sounds like I was. Well, I should have known better!

The good news is also that there is already a Galego language pack for Firefox 2 hosted on AMO, along with a dictionary. I guess that the next step is to discuss with the Galician localization team how to work together for CVS integration, but I'll leave the Mozilla L10n team deal with this: I think I've said enough stupid things for the week ;-)

Update (1:30 AM): The Xunta asks me for an official statement, so here it is, for the record:

There is absolutely no discriminatory policy against he Galician language. There is though, some lack of information of my part, as I did not know when I did my talk in Barcelona, that a Galego language pack was available. And there is misunderstanding when people think I ignored this on purpose. The truth is actually much simpler : I just did not know. Now, I know, and I rejoice that Firefox 2 is available in Galego via a language pack. I do hope that Firefox 3 will be available in Galego soon, as Mancomun, the Xunta and Mozilla work together in the same direction.