TechRadar writes that the Ubiquity extension for Firefox knocked (their) socks off. Their words, not mine!

I installed Ubiquity when it was publicly announced. Working in an international environment, I immediately fell in love with the translate command. I select a piece of text with the mouse, invoke Ubiquity with a keystroke (Alt-Space in my case) and type translate this to French. Then the text I selected is changed into something which is quite close to French (most of the times, thanks to the limits of automated translation).

It's really nice, and I'm very excited by Ubiquity's potential. But what really "knocked my socks off" is the tab command. Let me explain an issue I experience since Firefox 3: I tend to have several Firefox windows open at the same time, with dozens of tabs in each of them, so many actually that it's easier for me to open a new tab using the Awesome bar than retrieve the already opened tab. At the end of the day, I would end up having the same page opened several times in different tabs, giving me even more hard time finding the tab I'm looking for.

Enter the tab ubiquity command. It's so simple it's wonderful. When I need to display a tab I would like to retrieve, I just need to invoke Ubiquity (that's Alt-Space in my case), type tab followed by a keyword (or any part of it) which is part of the page title I want to see. Ubiquity suggests some matching tabs, and pressing enter will take me to it. Thank you, Ubiquity!

Now, I wish this feature was included in the Awesome Bar: it would be really nice to have the option to switch to an existing tab rather than opening a new page using the location bar... But I'm sure the User Experience team has already thought of this. In the meantime, Ubiquity will do the trick! :-)