Fosdem is going to take place next week-end in Brussels and like every year for so long that I can't even count[1], Mozilla is going to be there.

Mozilla contributors introducing themselves before getting started

Mozilla contributors introducing themselves @ Fosdem '08

Mark Surman will be keynoting the main track on the Saturday morning. Like every year, we'll have a room packed with developers and great talks.

As a side note, we are sponsoring the event, not so much to get visibility (I'm pretty sure Mozilla does not need to be more visibility in the Free Software hackers' world) but to sustain Fosdem for all the good things it brings to Free Software in Europe and to celebrate what it has given to Mozilla over the years.

Mozilla is sponsoring travel expenses to roughly 80 Mozillians this time from all over Europe, and we'll get speakers from all over the world to discuss a whole bunch of things, ranging from technologies to community projects. More details are available on the Mozilla Wiki page about Fosdem 2009.

I'm looking forward this week-end in Brussels once again to spend long hours having passionate discussions with my fellow Free Software hackers[2]. Of course, as always, if you still don't consider yourself as a Mozillian, please come and talk to us, there is room for newcomers!


[1] At least, I have proof that we were there already in 2002, as my younger brother volunteered to design a T-shirt for the occasion. From the design, it looks like Mozilla started participating to Fosdem in early 2001.

[2] Along with local beer tasting!