As Mozilla is focusing on technology and products with more frequent releases —Firefox 3.6 and 3.7, Firefox for Maemo and Thunderbird 3.x are coming soon! — but something different and not product-related is going to take place in 2010. It's called Mozilla Drumbeat. I'll shamelessly steal a piece of the drumbeat Wiki to explain what Drumbeat is about[1] :

  • Long Term Vision: make sure the internet is still open, participatory, decentralized and public 100 years from now.
  • Mission: build community of people who create tools that help others understand, participate and take control of their internet lives.
  • Approach: website and local events gather people actively involved in creating a better internet. Annual Drumbeat Festival as major convening point.

The reason why I blog about Drumbeat today is that there are 2 positions open, one in Paris (France) and one in Mountain View (California).

Should you be interested in working full time on Drumbeat, head over to Mozilla Drumbeat - Open Web Project Producer in order to see if you could fit! (If not, there are other open positions listed on the Mozilla career site).


[1] Mark Surman has a great presentation about Mozilla Drumbeat.