As I said in my Mozilla is changing blog post a week ago, we need to over-communicate. In the spirit of such approach, here are a couple of very important documents I'd like to share with the Mozilla community, users and partners:

"The browser is necessary but it is no longer sufficient. There are a number of reasons the Firefox experience needs to expand to fulfill the Mozilla mission. " (...) "the browser is no longer the only way people access the Internet". (...) "mobile devices mean the entire hardware and software stacks are changing. As a result, the computers many of us use are more closed than they have been in our lifetimes." (...) "It’s time to expand the Firefox experience to encompass the changing face of the Internet."

"Our Mozilla mission obligates us to make the user sovereign over the user's data and many aspects of the user's experience, and to keep the web open and interoperable and innovative at all levels"

especially on mobile devices where it's hard to get Gecko in, or get Gecko distributed, or preloaded as part of the operating system, we can use Webkit. Even use it via HTML and CSS and JavaScript, just use it as an HTML engine, and do some of our new initiatives, new products, new touch-points that users can interact with, as open web apps or as new mobile apps, maybe thin layers of native app around html. Like Firefox Home, the second version that's being worked on right now.

ARM already is supported well by our JavaScript engine, but we want to be make our code tight on ARM, as fast as possible. We want to avoid using too much battery and while we have a lot of build automation and test automation around our tier 1 platforms like Mac OS on the desktop, Windows and Linux, now we're going to elevate Android to that position and focus on making it just as awesome.

Because we're not going to try just one thing, we're not going to push only the browser, Firefox, onto the mobile devices - we're also going to try reaching people through lighter-weight means. And then the open web app system is where we hope to make our mark by not just supporting Firefox, but letting open web apps work on all modern browsers.

These quotes are not just random thoughts of two of the most important people at Mozilla, but they expression of what they get from a very important document, written but Jay Sullivan and his team: the Firefox Vision Statement, that everyone involved in Mozilla should have read by now.


[1] Please note that volunteers have translated this article into French.