So now that Firefox 1.0 is approaching, Mozilla Europe is working on launching it on the old continent. We have discussed with Bart, from the Mozilla Foundation, about efficient ways to do this. The first item on our list is a European press tour, no less! So Bart, the Mozilla Foundation spokeperson is flying over to Europe, and will visit UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. We had to find how to contact publications to invite them to these briefings, send mails, schedule the tour, etc. Bart has already visited UK and is this morning in Amsterdam and will be in Belgium this afternoon. Gerv, Axel, Peterv and I will assist him with the briefings, either by being there or replacing him to visit places Bart cannot cover, due to time constraints. With all the energy we have put into this operation, I'm pretty sure we will get excellent press coverage. The product surely deserves it! Stay tuned to learn more about European-specific marketing.