Oh, was it a long but interesting day! Waking up around 6AM after a bad night because of a cold was not the best moment of my life, but after a quick shower and a journey through the public transportation system, I was on my way to The Hague, in the Netherlands, on the Thalys high-speed train.

I had time to finish my presentation for the GrowthTalk Live event, where I was invited to talk about Mozilla and Innovation. The event has an interesting structure, given that speakers are given 20mn podium time, followed by interaction with the crowd and then some time interviewed by the moderator, sitting on a couch (and no, I did not have to lay down and talk about my childhood: it's a moderator, not a shrink! ;-). The questions from both the attendees and the moderator where really to the point, and I had a great time on stage.

GrowTalk Live viewd from the stage

I was followed there by a gentleman from Philips, also talking about open innovation. He showed data that demonstrated that innovation used to come from big companies, was increasingly coming now from much smaller companies. Therefore large companies are trying to rely on open innovation. For example, Philips has closed its research center and converted it into a Technology Campus, which hosts many companies. I was not able to follow all the presentations, as I had a couple of meetings with Dutch journalists (for FemBusiness and Marketing Tribune), and Alper Cugun who's blogging for Frankwatching.com.