There are tons of new developer-oriented features in Firefox 3.5 that are waiting to be used to create new Web applications. Geolocation. New canvas features. Native video and audio elements. The amazing Tracemonkey JavaScript engine. The ability to use Web fonts. A flurry of new CSS 3 properties and improvements. These are things that really get me excited because I understand their potential as I've been in the browser business for so long, but can be really hard to grasp for ordinary people in some cases.

But the truth is that Firefox 3.5 is a modern browser, part of a movement who wants the Open Web to thrive, with the help of other browser vendors such as Opera, Chrome and Safari. An Open and Generative Web where one can invent new stuff without having to ask permission. banner banner

So we have to explain how these new features work, and what they enable developers to do. Enter, a new blog put together by the Evangelism team, with material provided by the worldwide Mozilla Community. Over the 35 days to come[1], starting today, we'll try to post 2 articles per day. One to demo something really cool, one to explain something new. Get ready to get excited. Get ready to learn new stuff about Web development.

The first articles are:

  1. Introducing the blog by Chris Blizzard. "While Firefox 3 was a signifigant upgrade for the web’s users, Firefox 3.5 does the same for developers."
  2. Pushing pixels with canvas article, by Paul Rouget ;
  3. Content-aware image resizing demo, by Stéphane Roucheray, a French Web developer.


[1] 35 days. Firefox 3.5. hint, hint! ;-)