There are many differences between Europe and the US, and the habit of wishing a happy new year is one of them. In the US, one should send cards before the end of the year, while in France and some other countries, wishing a happy new year before it starts is frown upon (so we have all January to send season greetings).

But the good news is that time difference will help me here, since I'm able to publish this after midnight (Paris time) while showing up on my colleagues' screens in the US before the end of the year. :-)

In any case, I wish all of you a wonderful year 2010. May it bring you joy, peace, health and satisfaction in what you try to achieve.

La plage de Saint Aubin sur mer, vers l'Ouest

The beach of Saint Aubin sur mer — Calvados — facing West, at night

Je vous souhaite une excellente année 2010. Qu'elle vous apporte joie, paix, santé et satisfaction dans les objectifs que vous vous fixez.