6 years ago today, the thirty-first of March, 1998, the Netscape 4 source code was released to the public. As the first press release stated it, The company plans to post the source code beginning with the first Netscape Communicator 5.0 developer release, expected by the end of the first quarter of 1998. It actually happened the very last day of the quarter, on the new Mozilla.org Web site, which was announced just a few days before the day the code was released.

Six years have passed, and Mozilla is now delivering on its promises. The project, being announced Dead On Arrival many times, is now stronger than ever. And as a Mozilla-Europe contributor, I am very proud to help this project blossom on our old continent. I have met with several very large accounts in Europe, and while I cannot comment on these meetings, I can promise that the future for Mozilla in Europe is very bright!

  • The communities in all European countries are full of energy, and do a wonderful job in localising the products, our Web site and the documentation
  • The competition is almost non-existent
  • The Libre software movement is gaining new supporters everyday

I do not know yet where we're going. All I know, is that we're going fast, high, and with a lot of fun.

See you in 6 years from now ! ;-)