I guess that almost every Standblog reader knows about the amazing NYT campaign. But it's a very little known fact that a similar campaign has been organized by Mozilla Europe and our good friends at SkillDeal in Germany through the Firefox-kommt.de web site.

Today, in the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" daily (one of the very biggest German newspaper, page 21) was published the advertising (PDF version available on various mirrors: technikum-wien, macfinity, my-wtb).

This also made an article in Heise.de (the German equivalent of Slashdot) and many other online places.

For those who, like me, can't read German, the ad says: "FIRE! Hundreds of programmers jointly developed a revolutionary internet browser. They volunteer their time and donate it to the whole world. Therefore, 2403 individuals and companies financed this ad to tell you: Firefox 1.0 is here. Free download at http://www.mozilla-europe.org/de/" (Hat tip to Axel for the translation).

Some readers may wonder why such an operation has not been done in other European countries. This is something that we, at Mozilla Europe, have contemplated. But the price of a full page ad in a specific country is not always easy to be paid by local communities. This is why the full-page-ad experience has been done only in Germany, the biggest IT market in Europe.

Thank you very much to all the persons who have donated for this effort, and to all Mozilla contributors worldwide: your efforts are invaluable for the Web!