Blograstination. Noun. Two different meanings:

  1. Used to express the fact that one is procrastinating (postponing work) by blogging;
  2. to procrastinate blogging because of too much work.

In my case, I'm probably guilty of the two kinds of blograstination, but currently the second meaning applies better to me. So let's go through tons of ideas and stuff that I wanted to blog but did not have time to in the past few weeks:

  • Helped successfully launched Firefox in Europe by:
    • organizing a press tour in France, UK and Germany (our pro-bono PR agencies just rock!);
    • having a new web site, with new content and new layout (Pascal and the whole team of Mozilla Europe volunteers rock!);
  • Visited the Mozilla headquarters in California for the Firefox meeting
    • Held a talk about standardizing XUL;
    • met with Mitchell Baker, Frank Hecker to discuss the future of Mozilla international affiliates;
    • met with dozens of Mozillians and heard great talks, including those of Mitch Kapor, Mark Pilgrim, Mitchell Baker, Frank Hecker and many others;
    • had food at Google (twice!), once with Mark Pilgrim and Ian Hickson, to talk about standards, XUL and other stuff;
    • Had a wonderful week-end visiting San Francisco (with blue sky, yay!) and Palo Alto (pictures to come) with fellow mozillians;
    • Spent some time with other Mozilla Europe board members (including Pike and Gandalf, which I wish I could see more);
    • wasted countless hours in various airports in 4 cities (Paris, Chicago, San Francisco and Dallas-Fort Worth), (pictures to come);
    • wasted countless hours watching the ceiling of an hotel bedroom, jetlagged, trying to get some sleep;
    • struggled to survive the crappy "Merry Christmas" music played in every public place I went to in California ;
    • managed to publish a serie of portraits of mozillians, a project I had in mind for quite a long time;
    • done some shopping for Christmas in various places of the bay area.
  • Came back to Paris to finally spend some time with my too-neglected family.