This post is meant to give a short list of articles published around the world about companion:

German language (Germany, Austria, part of Switzerland)

French (France, part of Belgium, Part of Switzerland, part of Canada, parts of Africa)


  • Firefox Add-on with live updates from the World Cup, and you may want to read this comment: "I was at Holland Open ( today, and i saw a guy sitting on a bench, wearing a firefox tshirt, being really really busy on his laptop which had a huge firefox sticker on it. I wanted to say hi to him, but i didn't want to interrupt him in his work. It turned out shortly that he was Tristan Nitot (...), and he was actually releasing *this* extension right there.". (I was actually pushing the press release in German, French, English, SPanish and Italian on the Web site, along with the Companion landing Page);
  • Web User;