On Monday June 26th was held the Paris Capitale du Libre (Paris, Free Software Capital) event, which took place... in Paris. It was a very long day with conferences, demos and a gala dinner where trophies were awarded to several projects. Mozilla was given the "Best Development project" award for its efforts.[1]

Best Development Project trophy awarded to Mozilla

The "Best Development Project" trophy awarded to Mozilla

I would like to thank the various communities that help us promote Mozilla in France (and all the countries where French is spoken):

  • Geckozone (news and forums related to Gecko-based products);
  • Mozillazine-fr (the French version of the excellent mozillazine.org news site);
  • XULfr (French community dedicated to XUL development);
  • FrenchMozilla (FR localization group);
  • The volunteers from Mozilla-Europe;
  • and each and every Mozilla user who helps us promote choice and innovation on the Internet!


[1] A whole lot of thanks to Mairie de Paris and ASS2L, along with the many sponsors which have made this event possible...