A microphone

A microphone. Take it and speak up!

Mozilla is doing really well at enabling participation within the community on a worldwide scale. In this regard, Bugzilla is just amazing to discuss technical details, submit and review patches. But there are some topics that just don't fit into a bug report. For them, a we've found surveys to be a great tool. We currently have two examples:

Now there are much broader topics that Mozilla needs to discuss as a community. The proposed 2010 goals is one of them. Now this makes discussion a lot more harder, because it's less technical. It's also more challenging for non-native English speakers like me to discuss broad ideas in a foreign language.

So I'm going to ask two things, dear reader:

  1. please leave below suggestions on how to improve discussion on such high-level topics. Particularly:
    1. Would tools such as polls be an efficient way to discuss the goals?
    2. Would a discussion in local languages, happening in local blogs (like mine in French) be an improvement?
  2. If you have an opinion on the proposed 2010 goals, please tell Mitchell about it, in the comments of her blog.

Having such a discussion is essential to the future of Mozilla. Join us, and tell us what you think!