We all know that Firefox is a superb product, but what it needs is adoption. The recent Digital-Web stats show that Web developers have made Firefox their favorite tool (53% or 55% percent of browsers run on Gecko, while IE is second with 32%).

Now we need to address the rest of the users. The press coverage is amazing, and we can expect that Joe User will soon switch to Firefox. But I'm not sure the teenagers read eWeek nor the trade press. This means we need a way to address the younger market, especially the girls (since there are many gamerz who already have switched to Firefox, and who read IT press).

I was just sent a link (thanks Olivier to the following image who may just suggest teenage girls around the world to adopt Firefox:

I have found the source of the image, so thanks to Shari Hes, author of the original artwork and proud SpreadFirefox Member.